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Be-Balanced Yoga

Be-Balanced Yoga

The beauty of yoga is each individual is working on things that are most important to them for example building core strength, rehabilitation, increasing flexibility, mental relaxation & stress management.
Hatha Yoga: A traditional yoga practice, in which everyone regardless of fitness or flexibility can safely participate by using a range of props-blocks, blankets, straps, and bolsters to help support the body to find proper alignment.  With regular practice will increase body awareness, flexibility, strength and concentration.

Restorative Yoga & Meditation:Restorative yoga is a beautiful way to relax and soothe the nervous system from the different types of stress and fatigue that an individual experiences in life.  Using props for example to

open the chest and lungs, to bring stability of mind as well to release tension in the muscle fibers. For this reason most of the postures are held for 2-5 minutes to allow the body to open in a passive poses, bring the mind to stillness so that the body and mind can experience the benefit of yoga.  

Vinyasa Flow: This gentle flow class will combine Vinyasa and Hatha changing from one style to another. Vinyasa style will typically involve a flowing movement through a series of poses- building heat, strength and stamina. Be prepare to flow, play and experiment with your practice and you will walk away feeling strong, refreshed and energized.  The focus will be on breath and alignment.  Not suitable for people with injuries.

About the Teacher:
Donna Thompson is a 
fully qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher and in her 2nd year training with Iyengar Yoga! Over the next 16 months she will be undertaking a degree of intense professional Iyengar Yoga training and will continue to travel to Canberra and India for theses workshops. 

"I understand this commitment to further my yogic study has some impact during the yoga terms so I have created these 6 weeks intensive blocks instead of 10 week terms."

The 6 week intensives:

The new term commences Saturday 11th April and at this stage I will begin with 4 classes per week and will introduce early morning yoga soon! 

  • During these intensives we will have themes ‘asana (poses)’ in ‘which’ will be learnt, study and practice. Each class willbegin with a gentle pranayama (breath awareness) before leading into a practice of standing asana which form the basis yoga practice to stretch and loosen the body followed by more energetic poses, and concludes with relaxation meditation.       
  • By enrolling in the course structure, not only does it allow me to get to know you personally, it means you are placing value in your yoga practice and together we can enjoy the benefits of yoga.
  • Enrolment students: If you are unable to attend your regular class due to life challenges, 1 "makeup" classes is offered during the same intensives session, ideally during the same week.
Introductory Yoga intensive – 60 minutes:  A practice suitable for absolute beginners; yoga for recovery & sport or those who are returning to yoga. Together we create an individualised yoga program so in class we are all doing the same asana (pose) but each are doing it slightly different!

Beginners & Intermediate Open Class - 90 minutesCombination of Hatha & Restorative - is suitable for beginners to intermediate students. No inversions

Intermediate Level Course (Enrolment Only) - 90 minutesAdvanced practice, at least 6-8 months continuous yoga practice with me is required.  MUST be able to hold Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand) 5-8 minutes, introduce (Sirsasana) headstand.  

To achieve headstand students should have a home practice or enrol in 2 classes (ideally Saturday Vinyasa). The repetition of Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Dogs), Chaturanga (plank) and Urdhava Mukha Svanasana (Upward Dogs) helps build and maintain strong bones, muscles and balance.

Please feel free to contact me  for more information, or if you know of anyone that may be interested please forward this information on. 
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