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Location: 31 Katherine Drive, Ravenhall, Victoria, Australia.

Other Styles

Taiji is a Chinese internal Martial Art, Meditation in motion. 
More information about this class will be available shortly. 

Classes are held every Tuesday's and Thursday's 6:30 AM

For more information please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Alternatively contact:
Dr Steven Booth 
M. 0413 727 899

Toyama Ryu Iaido

Traditional Japanese Iaido classes are now availabe. 

Learn the Japanese art of the Samurai Right here in Caroline Springs with Sensei Michael every Tuesday at 7:30PM

 Iaido(居合道 Iaidō)

Abbreviated with iai(居合), is a modern

Wanting to shed a few extra kilos?

Getting ready for beach season?
or has the holiday season been TOO generous?
Whatever your reasons, Group & Personal fitness classes will get your heart pumping and those callories burning!

If you are a qualified trainer in a specific style of fitness/martial arts or simply interested in renting a space to run a program, shoot us an e-mail and we would be happy to accommodate. Our facilities can be used for many purposes in fitness and well-being.
Conditions Apply, Contact us for more information. 

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Pencak Silat is a full-body fighting form incorporating strikes, grappling and throwing in addition to weaponry. Every part of the body is used and subject to attack. Pencak silat was practiced not only for physical defense but also for psychological ends.
For more information on this martial art check out the video's listed below; 

Shindo Kan Jiu Jitsu Australia

7th Degree Shihan Jordan is the Victorian representative for the World Jiu Jitsu Federation Australia.
His unique style of Shindo Kan Jiu Jitsu is a street form of self defence, which consists of defence from unarmed or armed attackers.
This specific form teaches defence in both standing and ground combat.

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Location: 31 Katherine Drive, Ravenhall, Victoria, Australia

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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